She has so many names for me.

Olivia saw her daddy on tv and she started smiling. So adorable!

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ooc; my botching has definitely increased over the past couple of weeks lol!

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Here’s my first selfie after giving birth almost one week ago. New headband and phone case cause this mommy will have some swag and be a fashionable mom! Unfortunately guess who’s going back to work next week. Me. I hate you people at WWE HQ. I’m calling out sick fuck that.

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Wishing John was home.


Cooking, actually. Late night snack.

Whatcha making?

Wishing John was home.


I am? ;)

Where are you? Are you hiding?!

Wishing John was home.

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Olivia says hi! <3

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Well, not exactly. I had a tour bus, but it wouldn’t have fit a child, so I decided to get a new one. This will fit all of us, plus those who want to tag along with us.

Oh babe that is so sweet. I wanna see it! I’ll be out in a few. Want me to bring Olivia?